Personality Types: Nurturing

Personality Types: Nurturing

Welcome back to our series on examining the different types of personalities that we encounter in our business and of course in life.  As I stated in my first article, this series was inspired from a product that was given to me at last years No Excuses event in April.  That’s where I met the products creator Cheri Tree and she was kind enough to give me a copy of her excellent program entitled “B.A.N.K. – Personality Sales Training System.”  Inside of BANK Cheri discusses in great detail the four core personality types which we encounter on a daily basis.  She named the four personalities Blueprint, Action, Nurturing and Knowledge, (Bank for short!)  Over the last few days we have covered the first two personality types, Blueprint and Action.

Today we continue with the third (and my personal favorite) personality type, Nurturing.

“Let Your Prospect Determine Your Presentation.” – Anthony Robbins

I know what you’re thinking … why is Nurturing my favorite personality type? Shouldn’t “Action” be my favorite? After all “Action” people get things done … and isn’t that the type of person that you want in Your business?

Well, the long and short answer is yes of course I want “Action” personalities in my business. But to be truly successful you want a team with equal parts of all personalities. The reason for this we will real in the last article in this series later in the week.

The reason that the “Nurturing” personality type is my favorite … and those of you who know me well will agree … is that it is indeed my dominate personality type. Or of course it’s my favorite! Lol!

Let’s get into then shall we.

Personality Types: Nurturing

The top values for the Nurturing personality type are Personal Growth, Relationships, Authenticity, Ethics and Charity. We (I mean the “Nurturing” type) also values Morality, Harmony, Teamwork, Community and Contribution.

Our (I mean their) strengths include Diplomacy, Empathy, Imagining, Inspiring and Encouraging. Some other of their top strengths are Mentoring, Building Rapport, Communication, People Skills and Being a Catalyst.

The Nurturing personality type show appreciation easily and in many ways. They seek a deeper meaning than just material possession alone. They are always on a quest for self-actualization and want to help others do the same. They are supportive and empower others to be their best and they enjoy training, motivation and counseling others.

Some of the challenges that are encountered with the Nurturing personality type are that they focus so much on the cause and forget they’re running a business. They Get lost in their dreams and fantasies without doing the work that turns their dreams into reality. They tend to be too people focused and forget to accomplish their goals.

Recommendations for the Nurturing type personality include the following:

Don’t get emotionally caught up the the problems or failures of others.
Remember their health and wealth needs and don’t spend all their time help others.
They need to take action and do the things that will make their dreams come true.
Stay present with their business and remember it’s ok to help people and make money.
Speak up and be more assertive in conflicts.

In today’s Two Minute Tutorial we’re going to explain how to approach and present your product, service or opportunity to the “Nurturing” type personality.

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Manage Your Mind

Nurturing Personality Assessment:

Select a number from 1 – 5 for each statement. (1 being if the statement is not true of you at all and 5 being that the statement is almost always true of you.)

1. I am a peacemaker and avoid arguments if possible.
2. I think of others needs over my own.
3. I value working as a team and a sense of belonging.
4. I prefer following a strong leader rather then being one.
5. I am optimistic and place a very high value on integrity.
6. I enjoy charitable work and making a difference.
7. I am turned off by materialistic people.
8. I don’t like fast pace and pressure.
9. I like playing games whether I win or not.
10. I value training and personal development.

Be truthful with yourself when you’re doing these evaluations for the best results.

Make sure that you come back tomorrow when we will be discussing the “Knowledge” Type personality … it’s going to be totally awesome!

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2 Responses to “Personality Types: Nurturing”

  1. Luke Blower says:

    This is the latest installment in a really useful series of posts- one of my great weaknesses is reading and responding to different types of personality. This info is really providing value- which is what any self respecting blog should be doing.

    • Kevin DeRoo says:

      Hey Luke,

      Thanks so much for your kind words Luke, I’m glad that you are enjoying the series. Have you identified yet with any of the personalities which we have talked about so far?

      Look forward to having you back my friend.


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